O’side Kitchen Collaborative supports zero waste efforts by partnering with local farms and food businesses.  We divert and rescue fresh produce to nourish and educate our community!  Our vision creates a strong local food system raising awareness on the issues of wasted food and food waste.  Our goal is to provide our community with clear direction keeping healthy food on peoples’ plates and out of the landfill!

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O'side Kitchen Collaborative is a sister non-profit of Feeding the Soul Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3).  All donations made online or by mail are tax deductible and no goods or services will be exchanged for your contribution.  Please mail any donation to:
"O'side Kitchen Collaborative"
603 Seagaze Drive #912 Oceanside, CA 92054




Nonprofits helped San Diegans during the pandemic. Let’s help them at Thanksgiving!

The City of Oceanside has Collaborated with OKC to provide financial relief for local restaurants buying surplus ingredients, employing laid off food staff and creating meals for our community effected by the recent COVID19 outbreak

We are looking for Food Handlers and/or Volunteers in Oceanside that want to help during this disaster relief.  If you are in need of work, would like to volunteer or know someone please reach out!

It takes the whole community to support each other through any circumstance.  If you have the means to donate please support and further our outreach!  All contributions are 100% tax deductible.

For additional references or to discuss your next event, please contact us.



Let's see what we can create together!



Custom or Traditional Menus for any occasion!


Daily or Weekly catering options for all diets


Thank you for your interest in OKC!